Sunset on

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Almost 2 years ago, this service aim to give us a clear expectation about Alexa skill review times.

For all this period of time, few contributions have keep it alive but since months, no-one expect me (or my colleagues) are generating the data this service needs to provide insights to the community.

Luckily, Alexa Skill Team is doing an amazing job, bringing the review time down to 1-2 hours that, compares to the “days” it took in the past, is incredible.

For both reasons, I’ve decided to sunsetting Alexa Skill Certification Times.

Even if I cannot be sure, I like to think that it provided something useful to the community and, optimistically, pushed the Alexa Skill Team to make the review time incredibly fast as they are today. Everybody won in this. There is no better ending!

I want to personally thank all the people that helped me building this service, the ones that contributed generating the data points and all the Alexa Skill Team. You all rocks to me!

So long, and thanks for all the fish